Monday, November 12, 2007

Why kittens are so cute

Today I was reminded why kittens are so cute. If they weren't, they might not live to become cats!

 I came upstairs after lunch and they were nowhere to be found. I got on the sofa and looked behind it and saw my fuzzy fine pink yarn. I've been working on a lace sampler scarf. It is quite challenging for me at the moment. I've started over 3 times and it goes very slowly. I fished the yarn out and realized the knitting wasn't attached. UH OH. Explored a little more and found pieces of yarn wrapped around the leg of the bench in front of the sofa. The plot thickens.

Finally I got down on the floor and looked under the sofa. There was JoJo sitting on my knitting. I should have taken a picture but instead I calmly took my knitting and realized he had ripped out half of about 8 rows as well as tearing it off the rest of the ball. Here's the scarf after a little work at trying to get to a place I can continue from.

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