Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trip to the Vet

I've never had 2 kittens before. 2 cats but not 2 kittens. Went to our new vet today. Got both kittens in the carrier with only a little trouble - JoJo was in and tried to escape when I put Maggie in.  JoJo does NOT like travel. He wailed the whole way to the vet, I thought it was close by but it seemed endless while he cried :-( They heard him coming from outside. He quieted down once we were inside.

Having 2 rambunctious kittens weighed, examined, temperature taken, blood drawn, vaccines given, etc. is quite an adventure. Even vet technology has changed - they gave them each a pill that would kill any live fleas on them. The fleas started to bail from Maggie within minutes. Another dose of Advantage in a day or 2 should finish the flea problem off. Otherwise everything looks okay,

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cary perk said...

They are adorable!! Is this a surprise for Ward or does he know about them? How great to have a craft room!
Save Dec 17th for cookies!~