Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's a LONG way down!

So I thought writing about taunting kittens with a turkey wing might portray me in a bad light. This one is worse. My apologies to the kittens' first home - truly things are better than this 99% of the time!

The second floor landing is open to the main floor. There is a wall about 4 feet tall with a flat top. Jasper got on top of that a few times and totally freaked me out. I've been worrying about Maggie and JoJo They can't quite jump that high yet so I figured it was okay.

I had switched Chris's mattress with Pat's and left the extra in Chris's room. Last week, since Chris was coming home, I moved it into the hall and leaned it against the wall - yes, THAT wall. I also put a hamper full of Pat's old stuffed animals there. Well, no surprise here - the kittens climbed onto the mattress and from there onto the wall. The first time they did it I almost grabbed for them but decided that might scare them and cause a fall. They did it a few times and seemed to walk agilely along the ledge so I stopped worrying. DUMB!

This morning we heard a loud bang, a thump and scurrying cat feet. Looked up and saw Maggie running away and upstairs. She may be more shy around people but definitely is as much as an adventurer as JoJo. She had decided to perch on the light fixture that is a few feet under the ledge. Of course her weight knocked it off and they both fell. Fortunately, she is fine - poken and touched limbs and tummy with no pain, she's running fine, eating, etc. Phew! The light fixture made it okay too. Needless to say, the mattress is now in the garage and I hope they never try that maneuver again! 

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