Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The bed

My bed is up pretty high - high frame, thick mattress and memory foam pad. The kittens haven't been able to get up on it. Until last night.

I helped JoJo up the first time. He figured it out after that. Maggie does not want to be left out. I offered her a hand but she ignored me and figured it out for herself. Somehow I imagined them snuggling up and sweetly sleeping with me. Right!

That big, smooth, empty (Ward's still in Pakistan on business) place was an amazing playground in their eyes. It seemed JoJo was sliding around like it was a skating rink. They ran in circles and wrestled for what seemed like hours. It was in reality not that long. I had set the TV sleep timer for 30 minutes. When it turned off and the room became quiet and dark they froze for a few seconds. Then the action started again.

Eventually JoJo settled into the space just behind my pillow and an extra at the head of the bed. He purred so loud it was almost as hard to sleep as when they were playing. I'm not sure where Maggie was but she was most likely close by.

Notice they got a good nap in this afternoon :-)

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