Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This is how it happened!

Remember this project started because of an overabundance of ideas and kits for ornaments? One has to wonder how that overabundance occurred. I think I figured it out this week.

It's the time of year when making ornaments makes sense. The tree - with all those wonderful handmade ornaments - is being put up. What better time to add some new ones? The problem is I have a severe Christmas overachievement problem!

We have several big parties and I make LOTS of cookies for them. We're talking over 20 kinds of cookies. I start in early December and keep them in the freezer until the parties at the
end of the month. And of course the freezer has to be cleaned out and organized first. And there's Thanksgiving too. You get the picture ...

So I'm still woking on the beaded ornament. It is definitely involved but it's been weeks! Only a bit of time every week though.I'm sure you'll see it soon.

In the absence
of that I made a few very simple ones. These two are  VERY easy Pinterest ideas. They are simple metal cookie cutters and Washi tape. I tried adding tape on the inside of the star - it keeps lifting so it might get pulled off. We'll see.

The blue star is a simple pattern with acrylic beads. I also have a little snowflake which is more interesting but didn't get it done (cookies, remember?).

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