Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I finally got to use that word! Is it weird that I remember learning its meaning when I missed it on the PSAT? Anyway, next to last ornament done! This is a bit of chain maille that I designed.

Chain maille is tricky because you have to get the ring size right to make it stable without being too stiff. The diameter of the wire and ring are both important. Then there is just the placement of those rings - there is some choice in how you connect everything while not making it bend into a tortured object. I have not designed much of it because the idea of trying things until they work is pretty annoying to me. And, yes, this was annoying. I finally had to hide my tools from myself so I'd stop moving rings around. I do still have the Christmas Eve bread to bake after all.

I thought I'd also share a little ornament tragedy from last week. When I was removing my towels from the washer I found this:

The wool roving angel I made a few years ago apparently flew into the washer and felted herself. Here's what she used to look like:
I guess I might need to make another one?

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