Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The homestretch!

What a week! I had the ancient carpets cleaned which involved furniture in many strange places. Then we had a wind storm which took power out - fortunately only for 6 hours. I now have something like 20 kinds of cookies made. And nut rolls and my lemon variation on them. And there was the annual pierogi making day. I have the same group of special friends over for Christmas Eve - I think this year is the 35th! I used to dread the day I made 200 pierogi until my 4 wonderful best friends offered to come help. We do the work and then sit down with some pierogi for lunch, accompanied by a few bottles of my favorite sparkling wine. I do have a few hours of boiling and packaging for the freezer to do after they leave (probably slowed by the bubbly truth be told) but the day is now one I look forward to instead of dreading. Friends do make life easier and more special, don't they?

This week's ornament  is another idea I got on pinterest - what did we do for ideas before pinterest??? It's a bunch of 1 inch squares of pretty paper, folded and pinned to a styrofoam egg shape to make a pinecone. The one on pinterest had some fake berries and leaves at the top but I wasn't going to the craft store and I think it looks pretty good with just a bow.
I promised a photo of the little ornament display I'm using for these ornaments this year. Here it is!
It's quite crowded but I think that highlights the excess of this crazy project.

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