Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tweet tweet

 It appears to be bird week - although neither of these birds says tweet! The cockatiel is inspired by my son Chris's bird Archimedes. Archi, as we call him, used to say "Hey Baby" every time he saw me - probably because I taught him to say it. Last week, Chris was not available to cover him for the night. I walked up and started to pick up the cover. Loud and clear, "Hey Baby!" I guess he thought he could charm me and I'd let him stay up and engage with me. He does a great telephone ring, including talking caller id with a random caller name. And he randomly yells a LOT!

Anyway, I ordered some cute wooden bird shapes from Willy Kay Studios on Etsy a few years ago and we thought maybe
they could do a cockatiel for us. I painted and glittered the others right away but was a bit worried about pleasing Chris with the Archi lookalike. This seemed to be the time. He thinks I did pretty well!
The other one is from the just crafty enough
blog. I found it on pinterest and thought it was cute (and easy). It uses a doll peg (I had no idea what these were before this!), paint and a bit of felt.

I'm still working on a beaded ornament cover - maybe it will be done next week!

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