Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Twinkle twinkle

I got this cute kit from Stampin' Up recently. It says it makes 26 stars but I'm pretty sure these are plenty for the tree. Not only were there a lot of the star "boxes" but there were tons of embellishments too. My only complaint is that the adhesive on the sides doesn't stick very well.  I will need to use some extra sticky in some places.

I especially like this one. It uses six of the stars. I folded them
down the middle and glued them together. I can imagine doing it with all kinds of shapes.

Six ornaments to go. I've started on a few because things always get crazy in December - a lot of cookie baking. And  some festive fun. There are a couple of beaded ones that would need to be done over more than a week even in normal times! I think the coming attractions are two chain maille, two beaded, some painting and one more paper craft There might be one or two bonuses thrown in as well.

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Mark C. Mason said...

Hi Karen,

I'm not a robot. ;-) I'm Mark Mason, one of your former students from PSU in the '80s and one of your Object Oriented workshops in the early '90s.

How are you? It's been a couple decades.

Your description of the OO design process in the workshop has been a guiding principle in my programming life, and it has served me well. Are you still doing these workshops? Would you be interested in doing another one? Let me know at

Best regards,

Mark Mason
Engineering Design Team