Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tiny knitting

 After last week's time consuming ornament I thought it was a good time for something simple. This little stocking kit fit the bill. The only thing that took time was undoing it when my knitting was too loose for the needle I chose. Down to a size 0 - a little like knitting on toothpicks!

So, eight ornaments to go! At this time of year, the ornament ideas are everywhere. My favorite bead store (Fusion Beads) has wire beading frames I'm going to use next week I think. Stampin' Up has a cute star kit I had to have. Lots of Pinterest ideas.  Knitting ideas on Ravelry. My favorite online chain mail store (Blue Buddha)  is making its November Mailler's Choice something I'll need to try. And I think I might have a chain maille design of my own if it works.

I get really busy in December with my Christmas craziness -
many dozen cookies, handmade cards, too many decorations (go figure!), etc. I have a few more involved beaded ornaments that might have to wait for later.  But still,  plenty to choose from. And no doubt far too many leftovers for another time.

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