Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This one was a challenge!

Yikes! What a tough one. Actually not so much tough as tedious. LOTS of little tiny beads and pins. Probably made worse by waiting until Monday to work on it and then having a power failure at 5 PM (a tree fell on the line a few blocks away - no wind, no rain, no lightening - it just fell ?!?). Tedious not tough except for the bottom tassel. More on that later.

It seemed I should be able to easily finish it Tuesday. I barely did - leaving a few little things off. There is supposed to be some silver bead string wrapped around the jeweled center. I still can't decide if I like it. I might add it later.

Then there is that blasted tassel on the bottom. Oh my goodness. I almost threw it across the room while working on
it. All of the strands of beads kept tangling around each other I couldn't find a way to hold it to stop it from happening. I finally quit a few strands short of the number I was supposed to have. Sanity (or what remains of it) was more important. This morning I noticed that a few of the strands had loosened and were hanging down farther. I might try to fix it later but I think it needs a few weeks timeout first!

Next week will be simpler - it couldn't be much harder. But I will choose something nice and simple. I'm sure there will be more challenges later.

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