Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beads and busyness

This is the second ornament I started this week. The first one was another pin and bead satin ball kit. After several hours of working on it I realized that there was no way I could finish it this week. Too much happening - mostly fun.

So, I searched for something I could finish and did what I could on the other one.

This pretty little tidbit is a nice easy addition to my collection.

So what sort of busyness? We started with a washer repair. Monthly cheese club and dinner at Cyril's. Haircut. Pink Martini concert at the zoo. Stitch and Pitch at the Hillsboro Hops game. And a few days in Seattle with friends. After being sure the guys knew what needed doing during my absence.

Next week should be more of the same. Oh and another small detail - I'm turning (gasp!) 60.

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