Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another pin bites the dust

Or to quote The Graduate, "One word: plastics."

I found these directions on Pinterest. They are from an internet craft seller, BJ's Craft Supplies.  It is made with tinsel stems, i.e. pipe cleaners, and a variety of plastic beads. I used pinkish-purplish tinsel stems, purple beads, AB multicolor beads and long clear AB beads which let the brights stems show through.

I think I faked a few steps of the directions - I was baffled by the diagram showing wrapping the stems around the ferris wheel bead. My brain and 2D pictures showing a 3D object do not always play well together.

It was very hard to capture the dimension of this one in a photo. Ward helped hold it, His comment, "It's really pretty if you like purple." Which of course he doesn't.

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Moira said...

Sounds like Ward. Ever the diplomat! I like purple! And I think these are beautiful!