Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Giraffe Week!

Anyone who knows me well knows that my favorite animal is the giraffe. Not sure what it is about them. Maybe because they are tall and quiet - so unlike me! Or maybe it's just that they are so beautiful and graceful. I found out recently that the Oregon Zoo has something called a Giraffe Encounter, a small (5 or less) group experience behind the scenes in the giraffe exhibit.

Last week I went on my giraffe encounter. The zoo photographer came along and eventually I'll have photos to share. I'm sure I'll have a totally goofy smile on my face in all of them! I learned some new things about giraffes in general (did you know that giraffes only sleep about 2 hours a day?) and our zoo's giraffes in particular. Then we got to feed them carrots, pellets and leaves and pet their noses. It was terrific.

So, in honor of this experience I made a needlepoint carousel giraffe. It's from a kit that has 5 other animals - none as awesome as the giraffe of course. Kind of cute, right? I might even be inspired to work on the zebra or lion in a few weeks.

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Trudy said...

Good Giraffe story and a darling Giraffe you made. :)