Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I found something easier!

I believe we have established that I don't like cross stitch. One might wonder then why I have so many cross stitch ornaments. The answer is simple: Mom. My mother loved to cross stitch. I don't really know how she managed when she was my age and older - I think it's really hard to see those blasted tiny holes.

I inherited a bunch of cross stitch stuff from her. But I also bought a bunch of my own. Mom and I would go out shopping and we would each end up buying stuff for each other's hobbies. I started cross stitching because of that and did enjoy it more then. I will definitely finish the ornaments she started and maybe do a few more.

Now this ornament was a kind of stitching I enjoyed, even
with the little holes. It is on perforated paper with some beautiful, unusual fibers. And gorgeous colors! Anyone who has seen my knitting projects on ravelry (userid karenrc) knows that.

It was in a kit I bought on etsy. Unfortunately, the kit was missing one of the fibers. I thought about trying to find it at our local stitchery stores but ended up digging in my supplies and finding some peach ribbon that I think looks pretty. The center of the ornament was supposed to be left plain. I decided instead to use the pretty Watercolors fiber to make a big stitch pattern. It's finished by cutting around the stitching and mounting it on felt.

It filled the bill of being easier and was fun to do. I miss I had more cross stitch like this!