Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Easy Peasy

I had every intention of making a cute knitted snowman this week. Turns out he used size 3 double points and mine were clearly abducted by aliens. So, there I was on Monday deciding I needed a quick one.

Not to mention that this one stares at me every time I go
choose the week's project. Each time I think "Why did I get this? It looks ridiculously easy." I assume I saw it online and didn't realize how it was made. I probably shouldn't admit what is involved in this one. Glue 6 big sequins near the outside points, glue 6 small sequins closer to the middle, cut a pipe cleaner into a 3 inch piece and wrap into a circle, glue it and rhinestone. Flip and repeat.  It is ridiculously easy! Not bad looking in spite of that.

Oh yeah - I went and bought more size 3 double points.

Most of you saw a few giraffe encounter photos on Facebook. For my Ravelry friends who aren't Facebook friends (Hi Trudy and Melissa!) here are two:

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Unknown said...

You do have fun, don't you Karen! I love your ornaments. Your tree must be beautiful. We'll have to talk about cross stitch one day. My parents brought me an apron from a trip to Switzerland back when I was eleven. I still have it. Don't have a clue how to do it. Let me know if you come across any camels. They're my "thing". =)