Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knitting a snow friend

 I usually knit with nice yarn from my local yarn store. This little guy it made with some funky acrylic bumpy stuff from Michaels. He was knitted all in one piece by starting with a 6 stitches joined into a round, slowly increasing up to 21 stitches and then decreasing back to 9. That makes the bottom. After stuffing it, you do it again increasing up to 18 stitches and down to 4 to make the middle. Then finally the head. Really cool construction.

After he's all knitted, stuffed and the top closed, the
directions said to squish it top to bottoms and pull the thread all the way through to fatten him up a bit. Perhaps my row gauge (the height of the knitted stitches) was off but there was no way I could get the needle all the way through in a straight line. Poor guy ended up with a bit of a spine curvature.

Three quarters done with the year and still going strong. Albeit a bit tired of ornaments!

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