Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A bit of beading

I went to the beach with my beading friends this weekend. It was beautiful outside - but we mostly just looked at it through the windows while we beaded. Or tried to block it with the blinds while we had our Outlander binge watch.

Since we were beading I thought I should work on some beadwork This little angel kit (from Bead Merchant in the UK)  has been in the stash for a while. She is made with mostly brick stitch. I've been beading for about 30 years and brick stitch was pretty much the first thing I learned. It should have been really easy (you can probably see where this is heading). It took me pretty much all of the first day to make her - and that didn't include one of the wings. Yikes!

The main problem was getting the head and halo attached and relatively centered. The beads are on an eye pin with a crimp at the end. Then a loop is turned and sewn to the beadwork.  Doesn't sound too hard but I used words that shouldn't be used in describing an angel!

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