Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Not my favorite ...

I suppose I was doomed to disappointment this week. I wanted to paint some wooden cat ornaments a few weeks ago. The paint was dried out. A trip to the store for some fresh paint - the kind with the little (3/4" or so) plastic tubs attached into a line. Some sandpaper too. I was going to paint them Saturday and I woke up feeling sick, Sleep instead of paint. I thought I'd paint on Monday but I couldn't get the paints open. Before I started having manicures I'd just have broken nails. I figured out Tuesday to use the blunt end of a bottle opener. Next week I paint! This week - what a weird (and kind of ugly) one!

I am inclined to buy most kits and instructions that look interesting. Most of the time it works out. Every now and then it was definitely a mistake, This was one of those times.

Occasionally there is a definite disconnect between the picture and the reality. It might be that the materials are not the quality I hoped - a kitty made out of plastic beads and pope cleaners comes to mind (although I actually ended up liking that ornament). Sometimes it's a matter of the construction being different than I expected - I bought a kit on etsy once that used paper for what I had thought was some nice detail. Other times I just didn't pay enough attention, either to the size of an ornament or to some bizarre details.

I think this fits into the third category. The pearls and beads are reasonable quality. It's made on wire the way I'd expect. It's a bit smaller that I expected - you'd think I'd know how big 18 mm (the larger pearl) is. But why are all the beads silver? I get it for the arms I guess. They actually look okay. But why a silver hat? Black beads would have looked better. And the beads glued on (silver again!) are seriously strange. Especially the one on the middle pearl - looks more like a belly button then a button. And no snowman I know has a belly button :-)

Oh yeah. I have stuff to make 5 more. Any takers after this great sales job?

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