Friday, January 31, 2014

A baby seal and an extra

My younger son, Chris, loved seals as a child. For a long time he wanted to be a baby seal. When he figured out the impossibility of that he wanted to be a seal trainer. I attribute this fascination to a pregnancy incident. We are on a spring break trip to the coast. I was 5 months pregnant. We went to Sea Lion Caves in Florence. Ward and Pat hurried ahead into the cave;  I was moving more slowly. When I had almost reached the chain link fence they were standing next to I said "I don't see any sea lions." At just about that moment a huge bull sea lion right in front of me barked very loudly. I jumped and Chris in utero jumped. And thus an interest in marine mammals was born! I saw this vintage kit on etsy and knew we needed a seal on the tree. More pin pushing!

I finished that kit on Monday (my weeks start on Wednesday, the day New Year's was). I felt like more ornament making so I did a quick bonus project.

Lots of kits make multiple ornaments. I just want one for the tree - I enjoy the variety. I now have the materials for an extra seal and an extra tassel. I need to figure out how to have them put to good use. Let me know if you want one!

4 weeks, 5 ornaments! Not bad.

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