Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Make it quick ...

I have to admit that I'm an Olympics junkie: figure skating, skiing, bobsledding, and especially curling. I like the sentimental stories. I like the crazy announcers who get so excited about their sport - the cross country guy on NBC comes to mind. So the weeks of the Olympics include an awful lot of TV watching. Lately, I've spent that TV time challenging myself with a knitting project. I made sweaters in 2010 and 2012. This year I decided to finish a few things. I succeeded with one shawl but am still plugging away on another. It is lace weight, beaded, and a HUGE square. Almost 1000 stitches around.

So, how does that relate to the weekly ornament? I needed a quick project! Fortunately, I had one at the ready for just this sort of time. It's a cute little woven felt heart. A 10 minute project once I figured out the proportions with a paper model. Actually I have to give credit where credit is due: I showed Ward and Chris the non-working paper model at dinner last night and they diagnosed the necessary change to the shape. Thanks guys!

The picture could be better - the colors are SO much nicer. This was some beautiful wool felt from Sweet Emma Jean on Etsy.

Finished at about 9 PM Tuesday (my week starts on Wednesday since January 1 was a Wednesday).It still needs a cord to hang it but I call it done.  9 weeks, 9 ornaments!

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