Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Paper craft

When I looked at my halfway collection of ornaments I realized that a category that wasn't represented was rubber stamping and other paper crafting. There was an ornament on the Stampin' Up 2012 catalog cover that I really liked. I got all the supplies to make it and then didn't. Last week, I got some new glues and a new (working!) mini glue gun. Actually a fancy 2 temperature glue gun - cool!

This was a bit time consuming but not too difficult. Each of the points consist of 4 pieces - stamped and cut with my Big Shot die cutter. 3 are folded in half, glued together and glued onto a 4th.

The rosette can be hand scored and folded but I also have dies to make them in 3 different sizes. The die cuts a narrow strip with a scalloped edge and scores it every 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I enjoyed finally figuring out how to make these. I ended up with all 3 sizes and decided the middle one looked best.

Once the 5 3-dimensional pieces in each color and the rosette were made and the tuille was cut into pieces it was just a matter of using the glue gun to put everything together.

Unfortunately I had a tragic accident with my nail polish during the crafting. I think the really good paper glue stuck to the foil on my ring finger nail and pulled it off when I cleaned it off. Just the fact that I have foil on my nail is rather surprising - 3 years ago I would have laughed at the possibility. Ah well. In any case, the polish loss was a small price to pay for this awesome ornament finally being done.

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