Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Easy feels like cheating ...

This idea idea comes from Martha Stewart. I love Martha's ideas. Some are tricky. Some like this one are easy but the challenge is finding the materials. These are made from wood veneer. After a search online, I found some at ARC Crafts. They had an assortment of woods and thicknesses, including some sampler packs. It was tricky deciding what thickness would be right some I got several sample packs.

She used embroidery floss. I have lots of different kinds of thread from the beadwork I've done. Small spools of this nice nylon thread seemed like a good choice.

Next, I looked at my punch and Martha's directions. My punch was about 25% smaller but the bigger issue was that it had fewer scallops. The directions said to skip 9 scallops - I realized I only had 14! I punted and made 4 different woods and 2 different spacing. I thought they looked pretty good.

Then I got out 2 scallop circle dies for my Sizzix.

These are so much better! Albeit a little hard to see the scallops on the cherry butcher block since I used cherry wood paper.The smaller of the two used Martha's formula exactly - skip 9 scallops. On the bigger one I skipped 8.

Here's a picture on my kitchen tablecloth - crumbs and all!

I'm heading up to Seattle for my annual Stitch and Pitch excursion. I am taking a portable knitting ornament along - we'll see how I do next week!

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Moira said...

These remind me of a spirograph!