Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adding or subtracting

I had trouble deciding what to work on this week. I was going to do a paper craft /rubber stamping one that I've been anxious to get to. It requires a bunch of materials and tools to do it. And a large work area. I found all the stuff except for one kind of glue. I got that but the desk was definitely not cleaned off and I couldn't convince myself to clean it.

Then I thought I'd work on a kit using plastic beads on a tinsel stem (otherwise known as a pipe cleaner) that makes a wreath. I actually strung the beads on. But then I needed to glue gun little tiny beads on and it was too hot upstairs where the glue gun was (can you say low energy week?).

Sunday I got a flat of blueberries. Monday was spent making various things with them. Side cooking comments. I wanted to find more savory things to make. I made pickled blueberries we had on crostini tonight, blueberry barbecue sauce, and Monday night's dinner of turkey meatballs with a blueberry sauce. And a delicious blueberry poundcake - it couldn't all be savory!

So Monday night rolled around and I was in a panic. This little folded fabric tree kit was the ticket! The fabric was precut into rectangles. They were just folded, creased with your finger and pinned onto a styrofoam form. Simple and cute!

The sad thing about this saga is that every one of these kits is  a recent addition to the stash. I got an email about a sale at Herrschners and there were so many cute ornaments. And then I couldn't help searching on Etsy for more. Yikes - I have a problem. 12 step program for craft addiction?

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Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

I think you've already started the process,Karen

Step 1 is admitting you are powerless over your addiction