Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Change of plans

I had great aspirations of finished a beautiful beaded ornament cover in one week. And then the ants
invaded. Yuck! An unplanned pantry cleaning began. They were very fond of the drips of sticky stuff on the bottles of sorghum syrup and molasses. Walked around the ceilings of 2 rooms to find those drips. After dealing with these I just kept cleaning out. (Am I the only one with things with dates older than I care to admit?) Multiple ant traps for a week and I think the ants are mostly gone - knock on wood.

The unfinished piece is coming out quite nice. There is really not much more to do but part of what was left involved weaving in the ends and burning them off (I use a very cool little tool that is battery operated and melts the ends of the thread). Definitely could be easy to mess up if hurrying and I didn't want that. More on this piece next week.

So, yesterday when I decided I wouldn't make it on that one I grabbed a quick little fall-back Yes, more Czech blown glass beads. Even though these are quick and easy they are awfully pretty!

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Moira said...

Karen, I went through a thorough pantry-cleaning last summer, and found expired dates that were in the last millenium. Does that make you feel better?

Love these posts, btw. As I was driving today, I thought, "Wednesday. I bet that means there will be an ornament post today!"