Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another one bites the dust ...

It is amazing how many objects I've found in my ornament supplies that are started but not finished. Actually not all that amazing - I love the excitement of starting projects. This week I decided to work on a little knitted stocking, one of the first ornament kits I for from Knit Purl in Portland. All I had done was knit the green facing that is folded inside the top.

It's always a relief to find all the supplies and directions. These were (fortunately) trapped inside a Rubbermaid container. Fortunately because as I wound the wool into little balls it seemed to be in multiple pieces. I think some little friends had had a snack. Knitters live in fear of little friends! Most of my yarn is stored in plastic bags but I should probably make a pass through and check things out.

Anyway, the cute little stocking with its Fair Isle pattern was
fun. But, not without its challenges. I am a very loose knitter. This pattern had no gauge or size information so I didn't change needle size - probably not the wisest decision. Clearly the size isn't an issue. Except that I ran out of red yarn 3 rows before the toe. I searched through my other Knit Purl kits. None had the same yarn but one was close. I used that and decided it looked pretty good - a bit brighter but I think it looks okay.

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Melissa ~ twoknitwit said...

better than okay ~ it's wonderful!!