Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wanna see my scar?

Yesterday was the big day. Time to spay and neuter Maggie Mae and JoJo. I got them in carriers around 8AM and they were definitely NOT happy. Maggie went in the smaller carrier first and thrashed madly and wailed. Caught JoJo and stuffed him in the bigger carrier. He HATES the outdoors and, even more, the car. He started to cry piteously as soon as I opened the door. The drive to the vet was noisy - alternately "call and response" and stereo wailing. I assume they could hear JoJo while we were still outside. Signed the consent and went home to worry.

I called the vet around 11:30 AM yesterday and found out all was well. Maggie was resigned to whatever was going to happen. JoJo was quite agitated and had a rapid heartbeat. They had to get him calmed down before they could proceed but everything went fine.

Picked them up just after noon today. JoJo looked pretty normal (Aside: he's around 8 pounds now, about 2 more than Maggie. Yikes - he's going to be HUGE!) Maggie is wearing a collar so she won't lick herself open - needs to stay on at least 5 days. Oh boy. She looks a little more tired. Was told to "keep them from running around too much." Right.

We got home and I thought we'd sit quietly in Pat's room together. Not what they had in mind. Apparently it was very important to see if anything new had appeared in any room of the house. After about an hour Maggie got a paw caught in her collar and ran around the house like a banshee. I finally caught her, calmed her and freed her paw. A few minutes later she stuck her head under a rug trying to get the collar off and totally freaked out again. I called the vet and the tech suggested changing the collar from "looking like a flower to looking like a skirt around her neck." Much happier girl!

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