Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Approaches to Life, the Sequel

Another example. This large mess is on the desk in Pat's room. I'm working on moving all my beads (and there are a lot of beads!) up there and reorganizing then. This involves putting them into flip top tubes and sorting the tubes into boxes. Both cats have come to check it out while I work.

Maggie Mae carefully finds a way to climb onto the desk. She steps delicately and carefully around the stuff, looking and sniffing. Nothing is disturbed and ultimately she finds her careful way down.

JoJo starts on the floor in front of the desk and hurls himself up. About 2 out of three times he falls back down because he hasn't counted on all the stuff. When he land, it involves scattering stuff everywhere. As he walks around, stuff crashes in his wake. He finds a tube and bats it around to hear the noise. Eventually he flies off the deskscattering more stuff.

Very different beasts!

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