Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not a kit (for a change)

I do love these blown glass Czech beads. I've used them in the Czech kits I did earlier. The same website, 32 Degrees North, that sells the kits also sells beads. I had a pattern I had bought (3D Bohemian Star) and picked out beads from 32 Degrees North. The beads they had didn't exactly match the ones in the pattern but they were close. Since I had bought a variety of beads it was pretty easy to find some in the stash to make it work.

I had hoped to use fuchsia 3-bump beads joining the center and outer star points but they were out of stock for a few months. Gold seemed a pretty good option too.

I put all these beautiful blown glass beads in a little plastic container I had sitting in the craft room. After making this ornament, the open container was sitting on the desk calling to me. I wasn't quite ready to put them away. I pondered a few of them that were the same shape but not matching colors and came up with this simple extra.

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Moira said...

Love these. Can't wait to see them all on the tree at Christmas!