Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I still don't read Czech!

I started another beaded ornament cover this week. The pattern had the number of one of the elements wrong and I had to order more so I didn't finish it. More on that next week I hope!

I decided to make another blown glass bead ornament that I ordered after finishing last week's ornament. I still couldn't read the instructions since they are in Czech. But, I learned an important thing last week - the photo of a completed ornament can be quite helpful! I also learned that I can pick out the numbers from the text so I knew how much wire was needed for each step.

I had one small problem with this kit (I again bought it from 32 Degrees North). Instead of being a very rigid geometric shape it had a number of small parts off the main object -nose,  wheels and props. I found those difficult to attach properly - mine didn't have the nice round wire loops on the ends and were a bit wobbly instead of tight. But I still think it came out quite cute!

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