Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I don't read Czech!

There are some beautiful and unusual Czech beads that are either called Mercury Glass Beads or Blown Glass Beads. The best place I have found to get them is 32 Degrees North. They also carry a few kits for the ornaments. The directions in the kit are in Czech but there are diagrams. Simple diagrams so they are easy to follow. Usually.

I made one earlier this year - easy! I tried another a few weeks ago - indecipherable! I contacted Amanda at 32 Degrees North and she sent me a few photos from different angles. I had thought I got the first step but ....

This weekend I was at the beach with my beading friends. I thought I'd try again. When I got to the third step the Ah Ha! came. I realized I had the right shape (mostly) but it was constructed totally wrong. After snipping the wire and undoing the whole thing I started over. It turned out to be easy. And very pretty! Thanks to Amanda my ornament is done.

I've ordered some more beads and will make more in some different colors. And I got some more kits too. Aren't I supposed to be reducing my stockpile? Ooops.

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