Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Training Gnome

We spent most of last week on our annual trip to Phoenix for Spring Training baseball. It was a terrific trip. The weather was sunny and in the low 80s. We went to 3 games; the Mariners won 2. Of course spring is more about practice than winning. The 2 games they won started with a few innings of awful defense - bad infield throws, missing catches, etc. They both ended with exciting innings to come from behind. The third game almost was won in the last inning. All in all fun games to watch.

I knew I would have to make an ornament that I could take with me. Pins don't work. Beads are difficult. Painting is out. Knitting seemed to be the ticket. I have a few knitting kits. I love this one but it might have been the wrong choice. After about 2/3 of the knitting, I realized I needed stuffing and had to wait until I got home. But, I did get it done yesterday.

This was a kit from Churchmouse Yarns called the Jolly Wee Gnome. An apt description I think. It's made with Rowan Fine Tweed. I used size 1 double point needles - a bit smaller than called for since I'm a loose knitter. I think I found the right size to make a nice fabric. It was a quick and fun knit. I have yarn left to make more - I might make another one in red with a green scarf. But not this week. It's probably time for more pins. Or maybe beads.

10 weeks 10 ornaments!

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