Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Impressed with Mom Again!

Mom and I didn't always get along. I guess that's typical of all moms and daughters though. We were different in a lot of ways. I seem to be gaining more of her habits. I now have my nails done for example.

We have always had some similar interests. We both love the theater. And attending sports events. But especially crafts. We love crafting. There is hardly a craft out there one of us didn't try. And we both spent/spend a lot of our leisure time crafting.

Mom loved cross stitch. I am lucky to have several beautiful framed pictures she did that I hang every Christmas. And ornaments. Cute Santas and ornaments to commemorate Pat and Chris's birth and early years. They were so cute that I HAD to buy some of the kits myself And I inherited the kits she hadn't finished.

The problem is, I'm not so good at cross stitch. And I'm slow. Anything tedious seems to remain unfinished in my house. I had an adorable cross stitch snow man that needed just a little more stitching. It aged for many years! This week I finally finished it! In the meantime some ribbon and a little charm had disappeared but all that crafting meant I could find what I think are suitable replacements.

I am never going to become a cross stitcher, never mind as talented a cross stitcher as my mother. That is one of her habits I won't acquire as I age. In fact, I almost decided to get rid of the remaining cross stitch kits. Almost. They really are so cute!

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