Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yum - tuna!

I needed a very quick dinner before I went out so I decided to make my speedy pasta with tuna sauce - olive oil, an anchovy or 2 sauteed for a minute, a can of tuna in olive oil, some capers, a little grated lemon peel and lemon juice, parmesan reggiano, parsley - tossed with a nice wheat germ pasta. I had JoJo at the anchovies. I ignored him. Then I opened the can of tuna. I was VERY popular with the cats. I gave them a little bit of tuna and it was practically inhaled.

I ate my dinner - with a feline audience. After I removed my plate, IK caught JoJo pretty much rolling around my place at the table - I guess I had dropped a drip or two. I left Ward's dinner in the pan on the stove. 

When I got home, I asked Ward how his dinner was. He said it would have been better if Dark Trouble hadn't eaten part of it. Apparently he set his plate on the table and turned away for a minute. When he looked back, JoJo was eating the pasta. My response? "Did you take a picture?" Of course he hadn't so I had to stage one  so I could tell the story.

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