Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A quiet house

The Christmas Eve Slovak dinner party - 27 diners! - is done. Christmas morning gifts and stockings are done. Our open house - dozens of people many of whom wanted to find and meet the kitties - is done. The boys and Sevanah left today for Eugene. I think all 4 os us - Ward, me, Maggie Mae and JoJo - are feeling a little let down. And a little exhausted!

Of course there is another reason for this exhaustion today! We got a new king size bed a few weeks ago. More room for the kitties to curl up next to me and sleep. Most nights. Some nights it is just more room for the hunting game. Last night. when I finally got to bed, several hours after the new year began, both cats decided they wanted to play. JoJo jumped onto the bed carrying a toy mouse in his mouth and proceeded to drop it and pounce on it - over and over. Maggie did the same with her favorite tinsel ball. A few times they dropped their toy near my pillow. In an attempt to get them to play somewhere else, I tossed the toys across the room. What did they do? Played fetch like puppies and brought the toys back to me. I eventually went to sleep on the couch in the kitty/craft room figuring it would offer less room for their antics.

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