Saturday, December 1, 2007

Paradise lost - and found again

Well, we developed some litter box woes in the last week. JoJo decided things weren't quite to his standards. He started marking on a spot Jasper had peed on in the living room. Then, just to be sure I got his point, he peed on the end of my bed, near my feet, while I was trying to sleep. Yuck.

After a conversation with the vet (thank you Dr. Erdman!) I tried a number of things. Downstairs,  I recleaned the spots with enzyme cleaner, installed a kitty pheromone diffuser in that area, and put a bowl of food on the prevalent spot. Upstairs, I also got a second litter box, with different (clumping) litter. Interestingly, JoJo now uses the new box and Maggie the old. He still seems to not be sure about the sandy texture but I think it keeps it smelling better for him. Maggie sniffs and even pokes the litter in his box but seems to know better than to use it. The boxes are only about a foot apart but JoJo seems to have decided this situation is much improved!


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